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House, Home and Land Clearing

Everyday we are impacted by the 21st century and how technology is advancing at such a great rate. More traffic, more natural disasters, the media is full of crime and other fear-based stories.

It is so important for our health and wellbeing to have the sanctuary of our homes to retreat to at the end of the day. But, are our homes always the sanctuary we want them to be?

Everything is energy; we are energy, land is energy and so are buildings.

The land and buildings absorb the energy of their surroundings. For example, illness, deaths, marriage breakdowns, war and electromagnetic fields from pylons, power poles, aerials and mobile phones are just some examples of negative energies that can affect our home and work environments. The land has been here a lot longer than we have, so we do not know the full history, and where our house is build can often be affected by old energies, which in turn can have an impact on us. We may not be aware of how much energy affects us.

When we walk into a room where the occupants have had an argument, we say “we could have cut the air with a knife”. Upon entering a house we can sometimes feel the warmth and comfort, or do we feel uncomfortable and ill at ease? What we are “feeling”, is the energy the house has absorbed, and it is the inharmonious or stagnant energies that affect our wellbeing and health. In the case of ill-health, marriage breakdowns for example, that have come from the previous tenants of the home, subsequent occupants can be greatly affected.

In the case of land, empathic stress lines form and it has been scientifically proven these affect our health and wellbeing, from minor ailments to major illnesses, by lowering our immune system. Especially if they run through where we sleep or where we spend a large part of our time. The affect is bigger if two or more of these stress lines cross in these areas. It is important for our bedrooms to be more of a sanctum for us to sleep as it has an effect on our health and wellbeing. It is a place of nurturing and yet, it could be a place where we are physically being compromised.

A cottage I once cleared in a small New Zealand town is a great example of both the building and environment  affecting one of the owners. The cottage is owned by Kit and Brian. A mutual friend mentioned my name and the ability to clear houses to Kit. Our paths crossed and Kit asked me to clear her home. She took me to visit the property and I explained to her that I do the clearings in my own sacred space and not at the property itself. I went to look at the cottage.

It was beautiful, and situated beside a picture-book paddock. However sitting near the fence line was a derelict house that was dark brown in colour, I felt sick when I looked at it. The main bedroom window of the cottage faced this paddock. Along the same fence line, within the cottage boundary, was a small stream of stagnant water. Kit told me of the sad circumstances that had happened to the previous owners. It was a similar story to what Brian had experienced in his life. It turned out that Brian was having a lot of physical ailments and was regularly visiting the doctor.

As I left the property I felt I had to do something in the interim until I could do a full clearing. I put extra protection along the fence line and around the main bedroom, as well as around the derelict house. I emailed Kit to tell her I had undertaken this and would be in contact when the clearing was completed in about a weeks time.

Once I had completed the clearing, I rang Kit to inform her. I asked if she had received my email, she had not. After telling her about the protection I had placed around the property while I was there, she said that Brian had an appointment with the doctor just before I had placed the protection around the property, however he canceled as he was feeling better. Since then they have lived peacefully in their beautiful cottage.

This is a great example of how the energy of previous owners has been absorbed by the building and was now affecting Brian. The fact that Brian had also experienced similar circumstances meant he was even more vulnerable to this energy and so lowered his resistance. It was not helping to have the energy of the derelict house, and the stagnant water so close to the bedroom, and so  his much needed sleep was not the healing he needed. Kit did not seem to be so affected.

It is good to clear new homes too because we do not know what has happened in the life of the builder, electrician and workmen involved in the construction of the house. They are human and can bring their troubles and upsets to work, and this is the energy going into the construction of the house. Also, as mentioned previously, we do not know what has occurred on the land. Moving into any house, old or new, it is important for you to have a clear space to create the energy you want to surround yourself with.


Healthy Options Article – November 2008