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NZ First Light Flower Essences® of New Zealand

2008 – We are already into the second month of this year, and it is a significant year being a 1 in numerology: the start of a new cycle and a new age. This is a time of change and there are changes happening in the world around us and to this planet. We are now becoming more aware of how our actions affect ourselves, the people around us and this planet. We may be now wanting to make changes in our lives, or noticing change happening through outside influences. Change brings fear, insecurity and apprehension as we are pushed out of our comfort zones and these emotions can have quite an affect on how we function daily. Also, as we step into the new we want to be free of baggage, by letting go and clearing the old behavioral patterns that can keep us locked into repetitive cycles.

NZ First Light Flower Essences® are flower essences co-created from New Zealand’s unique flowers, ferns, trees, seeds and plants by Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber and Tony Wyber to support us in the 21st Century. Many of us know the Bach Flower Remedies, especially the Rescue Remedy. NZ First Light Flower Essences® are flower remedies created especially to support us in this new age. They support us with any circumstance or challenge we may face as well as shifting old hurt and grief patterns that hold us back from living the life we truly want.

The 21st Century brings continual daily stresses. Technology has progressed so much that our physical well-being is continually impacted by radiation pollution from computers, mobile phones, microwaves, TVs, being just some examples. Air pollutants have increased; the media is full of news of war, crimes and sickness which affect us. The essences can support us with these stresses as well.

Children respond well to the flower essences and what a gift to give them; the opportunity to support them in being free from the baggage. This gives them the freedom to live their lives to the full without being restricted by the past in any way.

Animals also respond very well to flower essence remedies. I have seen both cats and dogs transform quite noticeably from skittish, unsociable pets for example, to calm, loving and happy animals.

It is important to ensure that our living and work environments are clear and energized. In this time of change and increased stresses we can be facing, we need somewhere to retreat; a sanctuary where we know we can just “be” and recharge ourselves at the end of each day. In the March and April issues last year I wrote about Land and Building clearings or you can visit my website to find out more in-depth information around how we can be affected if our sacred space is not clear.

Ponsonby News Article – February 2008