Welcome to Autumn 

with the trees releasing their leaves, it is a perfect time for you to release old emotions, thoughts, and behavioural patterns that are holding you back from living the life you want and deserve.



Clearing any clutter around your home – maybe in drawers, wardrobes cupboards.  Release the old that you no longer need.  Also remember to clean the dust and cobwebs as this is old energy as well.

What you may not be aware of is that houses and land also need to be cleared of old energy.

Ensure your home and property is not holding the very energy you wish to release, as these can continue to affect your health and well-being by keeping the old energy in play.




It is also very important to be aware of clearing your emotional and mental levels.  The First Light Flower Essences are made here in New Zealand, and your own personal blend is created to support you with this. It takes 28 days to create a new habit, and 28 days to integrate, so a minimum of 2 months (i.e. two bottles) for each blend is recommended.  


 A one-on-one consultation will assist you to identify and release the blocks that might be keeping you locked into the “same old same old”. With the support of the First Light Flower Essences you can create how you would like your life to be.

 Featured EssenceWhau – the Release Essence:   This Essence supports us to clear out those old behavioural patterns that hold us in life situations that we have outgrown.  To let go of attachments Over autumn, so we can move forward and make the transition with ease.  For shedding and eliminating so transformation can occur.

      • Normally, a one hour consultation is $120.00 which includes a personal blend. for autumn, with each consultation you can purchase the second month’s blend, normally $25.00, for $15.00. 

        Have your house cleared in Autumn for $175.00 and receive a 30 ml personal blend room spray free – total value $205.00

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Some years ago I changed my name from Gillian Margaret to Jilly Sian for various reasons. Recently I have felt very strongly that it was time to return to my birth name.

I realised that the truth was the reason I changed my name was I never felt good about myself, and therefore denied my inneressence. So on the 27th July, almost 13 years to the day, I officially welcomed Gillian Margaret home.

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