The Story of Pongo

My husband and I enjoyed an amazing trip in Fiji, spending 6 days kayaking around the Yasawa Islands in 2007. The first night of our trip was spent on private property on one of these islands out on the Blue Lagoon. Pongo, was the owner’s dog. He looked a bit sad with a very red eye that was a bit weepy. The Fijians pets do not get the love and caring attention we shower on our pets. For me it was a lesson in perfection and life in Fiji.

The next morning we left the island for five days kayaking returning to this island for our last night before heading back to the mainland. On our return, Pongo was not a happy dog. He had been out on the reef the day before and something had poisoned one of his front paws. He was not very well at all. Both of his eyes were very red and extremely sad looking. Another dog from the property had died the day before from the same adventure as Pongo out on the reef and they were saying it did not look good for Pongo.

We had arrived late afternoon and it was a very busy time cleaning kayaks, unpacking and pitching tents before catching a boat to a neighbouring island for our final night dinner celebration. I was unable to give much attention to Pongo and next morning he seemed about the same.

This was the year I did my training for the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® and opening to how powerful these essences are. I was about to learn more. After asking for permission from spirit to work with Pongo, I was unsure what essences he needed as I was new to the essences and did not have my handbook (of course) with me? Kahikatea came to me which is one of the trees for the base chakra. I knew this would ground him. I then asked for Plant Intelligence to feed through me the essences that Pongo needed. I did this by using my hands as the vehicle for the energy of the essences to be channeled through.

Pongo began to look better within the hour however his paw was still too painful for him to walk on. I asked for whatever was needed to clear the poison from the paw once again using my hands.

When we walked to the beach to catch our boat to the ferry that would take us to the mainland about 2 hours later, we were lead on the 5 minute walk by a healthier, happier looking Pongo. As the boat headed out Pongo sat on the beach watching us until we were some distance out.

My husband was the only one aware of what I was up to and this is not something I could share with the rest of the group. One lady who was aware of what I do, did ask if I did something to help Pongo’s healing.

I was blown away with the result and it only reinforced what I already knew about First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®.