Client Testimonials

“Gill was fabulous with tracking back to the cause of my issue. The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® she selected supported me and helped to heal the situation. Several months later, I had confirmation of this whereby I had several past life journeys that revealed some issues she had alluded to.” – Patricia

“For near on a year now, I have been using Gills ‘Inner Essence’ blends and room sprays for myself and more recently for my family, friends and home. I have found the benefit of these uniquely personalised blends immeasurable. They have provided a pillar of support through turbulent and challenging times. I use the Essences with my with my children who respond openly and joyously to their personal blends. They, and other children I’ve used them with, just delight in having the drops! When a friend or family member could benefit from the essences I do not hesitate to recommend Gill’s Inner Essence blends. I have often gifted them as way of giving support. The space clearing spritzers are a treat. I’ve noticed a pleasant difference in the home since using them and my children and I enjoy breathing them in to experience the energy.Thank you Gill for doing what you do so well!” – Victoria West