Client Testimonials

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C Gibson, Auckland

“We moved into our house about 4 years ago, and things had just been going downhill since then.


My partner and I both felt depressed, and it was getting to the point where I dreaded going home… there was just an awful gloom around the place.


So I sketched up the house layout and sent it to Gill as she suggested.


The day after the clearing I was driving home, and stopping at the intersection near our house I saw this sight. Was just so beautiful to see the sunlight streaming down on our house – I got the message loud and clear our house had been cleared.


Since then things have improved dramatically! My partner has stopped smoking, we’ve both increased our health and fitness, and even our financial situation has improved.

Gill is such a wonderful, caring person and positively influences the people she comes to meet – I’m grateful she took the time to do this for us. I just can’t thank her enough!”


The day after the clearing.


Davey McKenzie – Restaurant Owner

“When you walk into a restaurant, the vibe of the place creates your first impression. It can be the difference between feeling comfortable or wanting to leave immediately. In a place like Queenstown, where your customers may only stay in town for one night, this first impression is vastly important to your success as a business.

When we bought our first restaurant, the premises had had a string of semi-successful and ultimately failed businesses. It was evident as soon as you walked in, that the building had collected the negative qualities of previous owners; the vibe was heavy and felt uncomfortable. We wanted a clean slate, so asked Jill to clear the building for us. Like a spring clean, the results were instant and to this we added our own touches.

Now the building has a purely positive feel. The vibe when one walks in is comfortable light and inviting. We have lots of repeat customers who comment on how they like to keep coming back.

Davey McKenzie, owner


Sandy McInally, Queenstown

“I have had my home cleared by Jill to great effect. Our house had been on the market in Queenstown for 3 months with no nibbles. Jill cleared the house and within 2 weeks it was sold. The comment from people who viewed the house after the clearing was… “what a lovely feel this house has to it”. The house seemed lighter, airy and more welcoming.”


Sarah Buchanan, Auckland

“I can thoroughly recommend the House and Land Clearing consultations carried out for me by Inner Essence.  Jill has a unique gift in this area and offers a very professional service. A follow-up call and an action plan of work to be done to complete her job are provided as part of the service.  She approaches her work with passion and sensitivity to the individual’s personal requirements.  Her consultations have proved to be a wonderful house warming gift for new home owners.”


Leanne Bruce, Holistic Health and Beauty, Queenstown

“I met with Jill Williamson from Inner Essence about 8 months ago and was overwhelmed with her passion and expertise in what she does. Jill came and met with me at Holistic Health and Beauty and felt that I needed to make a few changes to my clinic in order to create a more welcoming and warming effect. Jill went away and did a clearing and returned with a list of ideas in order to give my clinic a whole new feeling and meaning. 

I found her advice very interesting and went through with her ideas regarding colour and crystals, stones and flowers where needed. The arranging of furniture and colour around dark areas opened my whole clinic up and the energy in the place is now flowing freely.

Clients consistently comment on the clinic since Jill did her magic with me. I would highly recommend for anyone who feels any negativity or gloom in their home or business, to meet with Jill and have a consultation. I can guarantee she will give you the optimal results that we all deserve in our home and workplace. Thank you Jill; you truly are priceless and have been a huge asset to my clinic and I feel privileged to have met with you.”


Sandra Wilson, Queenstown

“I had my home cleared by Jill. Her kind spirit is obvious and left our home calm and peaceful. This was after the house had been on the market without much interest being shown. After the clearing, the Real Estate agents started showing people through up to twice daily, the result being that it sold within 2 weeks of the clearing.”


Margo Berryman, Q92 FM Breakfast Host, QT Magazine Managing Editor

It was a simple and effective way of breathing new life and energy into our home and Jill’s helpful hints on what to do with tricky corners and doorways has helped to create a harmonious flow through all levels of the house.

While it seems intangible, house and land clearings make sense – they allow for the disposal of old and stale energies and create new space to add warmth, health and happiness into your living environment.


While our renovation process still continues – our home now feels blessed with a fresh, feel-good vibe.”


Mary Burgess, Southland

“We feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to have Jill clear our home and farm.  Jill has a very special gift, and her work is carried out thoroughly with the utmost professionalism and passion. Follow up calls from Jill and a plan of action has been carried out with the vitality and respect that they came with. Jill has been very approachable, passionate and sensitive to our requirements during this process. Although I was the only one in the family privileged to meet Jill, she has been more than happy to talk to my husband via phone throughout the process.

Jill’s passion and belief have rubbed off on our family and we are very grateful for this.  We have enjoyed better health, a more peaceful and relaxed environment since the clearing.  Our native wood pigeons have returned and this spring we welcome a bellbird to the garden. Our farm remains on the market, but know we will be leaving it in good heart when the time comes to move on.  We look forward to continuing good health and wellbeing in our work and living environment.


We look forward to a continued association with Jill through the purchase of future homes and properties.  Without hesitation we will be recommending the skills shown to us by Jill to family and friends.”

Julie Jacques, Arrowtown

“When I contacted Jill, it was because I wanted to explore every option available to me to try and help my husband’s health.  He had been unwell for a year and nothing was working for him.  I was approaching my wit’s end and so was he.  



Jill was able to clear both our house and property from Auckland.  She spoke to me after she had done this and explained to me what she found.  The energy in and around our house and land was stagnant and heavy.  The clearing activated this stagnant energy and got everything flowing freely again.

Three days after the clearing was complete, my husband woke up and told me for the first time in months he was feeling good and both of us were full of energy.  It was amazing.  He has not looked back in terms of his health.  He is not cured, but is feeling really good and is in a very positive state of mind.  Our house feels vibrant, positive and light, even the plants are growing like crazy after the clearing!  Jill also blended us a room spray with the essential oils and botanicals specific to our needs.  I spray this in our house when things feel chaotic or heavy and it really helps.


It feels as though a weight has been lifted and our home has become a place of support and healing rather than a place where there was illness and isolation.   


I would recommend Jill’s service to anyone, the results that she achieved with us far exceeded any expectation that I had.”

Victoria West

“For near on a year now, I have been using Gill’s ‘InnerEssence’ blends and room sprays for myself and, more recently my family, friends and home.

I have found the benefit of these uniquely personalised blends immeasurable. They have provided a pillar of support through turbulent and challenging times.

I use the Essences with my children who respond openly and joyously to their personal blends. They, and other children I’ve used them with, just delight in having the drops!

When a friend or family member could benefit from the essences I do not hesitate to recommend Gills Inner Essence blends. I have often gifted them as way of giving support.

The space clearing spritzers are a treat. I’ve noticed a pleasant difference in the home since using them and my children and I enjoy breathing them in to experience the energetic delight they give.

I quite simply find these products Divine! I cannot express through our English language quite what a gift they are in this Modern Age.

Thank you Gill for doing what you do so well.”