Life can be challenging and sometimes it may feel like you are going around in circles trying to make sense of a situation, what the next step is or what direction to take..  The mind can get caught up in a never ending cycle of doubt, fear and confusion which can create emotional turmoil rather than the answers you are seeking.  Card readings assist with gaining insight and clarity, putting those thoughts into perspective which often bring the “Aha’s” – and lighten the load of decision making. 

Tapping into the wisdom of the First Light Flower Esssences of New Zealand® and The Fairy Oracle of the Patupaiarehe – The Ancient Oracle of Aotearoa® cards, a reading looks at the different aspects of the self – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual, as well as Personality, Soul and Spirit – to gain insight as to how you are able to step more fully into your own potential.  This assists you to restore equilibrium and balance to move forward, with clarity and purpose.
To further enhance your journey ahead and keep you on track, you will receive a blend with the essences that have stepped forward to support you.

The readings can be experienced either one on one or by phone.

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