Animal Testimonials

Janne Rowe, Auckland

Janne, Mosco and Tully

“Several years ago Mosco (a lovely big Russian Blue cat) joined my household.  He was an extremely friendly cat with me, but very timid around strangers and would always run outside.

Flower essences to the rescue!!  After only a few days on these essences Mosco calmed down considerably to the point that now he just looks at strangers as if to say “now what do you want?”

This year Tully also joined my household and she was like a wound-up top running around meowing with no where to go!  Out came the essences and again fantastic results and this kitten is now calm and self-assured.

Whenever I go away, I put a few drops in their food a couple of days before I depart, and this helps them adjust to a changed environment.

Jill’s essences are remarkable and I highly recommend them for animal use.

They have helped make my cats so much more confident and ultimately more loving.”

(photo: Janne, Mosco in the chair, and Tully)

C Gibson, Auckland

We got Modem from a rescue shelter a few years back. He had a very rough start to life, he was abandoned as a kitten, then hit by a car when he bolted from his foster home. When we first met him we fell in love with his unusual markings and even more unusual personality, and weren’t too concerned with his occasional attacks on ankles.

But as he got older, the attacks got more aggressive, and frequently drew blood. He’d be a normal, cuddly cat one minute, and then a wild look would appear in his eyes, and he’d viciously attack anything that went near him. We had to warn visitors about his personality and sometimes shut him outside so he didn’t attack them.

I scoured the internet for all kinds of fixes (spray him with water, yell “no” in a loud voice, walk away when things got rough), but nothing worked.

Then I met Jill and once she described what she did, I was eager to try her flower essences on Modem. My partner was very skeptical about a “few drops of potion” having any affect, and rolled his eyes when i pulled them out of my bag. But I started adding the drops to the food, and we noticed an improvement within a day!

His attacks were rare, and he was much more loving. We couldn’t believe the change! His quirky personality is still there, which we love, but the wild look has disappeared from his eyes. Every now and then when he starts reverting to his old ways, all we have to do is start adding the drops to his food again.

Jill has a kind soul, and i’m sure that she puts a part of that into each essence she creates. We’re stoked with the results!